May I maintain my strength and clarity

4 May 1980
I have so many interests, its hard to list them all here!!!, I love doom metal, I have a craving for the darkest music I can get my hands on. I sing in a band that me and a couple of my friends started called Dysperium, I am a vegan vegetarian, as insane as it maybe living in indiana. with virtually no support! I feel very strongly about it and would like to move to a vegan raw foods diet eventually. I am very actively persuing a very sustianable and green agenda, I am currently living in a earth bermed passive solar home. That I built largely with my own hands, (nothing but volunteer help,) Its not quite finished but its getting close! I am in a very happy relationship with and we share all these goals together, we are polyamrous by nature and yearn to find more people who share similar interests that we can learn and share life's experiences with. Ultimately I'd love to live in a small little community somewere far far away from it all, with a very small group of close friends whom we can all just spend the days toiling in the gardens, writing music, and arguing about philosophy.

Theres so much more to write! I dont know were to start, or you could add me and we talk!

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